Through my experience as a Clinical Counsellor, I have been honoured to support clients in some specified ares. My clinical counselling specialties include grief and loss, depression, anxiety, relationships, stress, caregiver burnout, and trauma. I have experience working with hospice support as well as with older adults struggling with dementia/Alzheimer’s or terminal illness. I have supported caregivers while they support their loved ones and family members grieving the impeding loss or death of their loved one. My focus in graduate school was to support clients of all ages with the grief through hospice grief support; facilitating one to one appointments, group support, and public education and training. Post graduate school, my focus has been on trauma, mental health and well-being. I have supported clients and their loved ones with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, medical diagnosis and support, trauma, life transitions, as well as supporting clients and loved ones with supported housing/Residential Care adjustment.

Having supported many clients, caregivers and family members of all ages with grief and loss, caregiver burnout/support, depression and anxiety, I welcome to opportunity to work with adult clients with similar concerns.

Other issues I work with include Existential concerns, life transitions, and retirement concerns.

I am an LGBTQ2*S ally, have a trauma informed practice. I also practice Indigenous Cultural Safety.

For more information about me, please visit my About page, and see if I am a good fit for you, or to schedule an appointment, please visit my Contact page to schedule a phone call or appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.