I have always had a passion for the ‘big questions’; such as how did we get here, what is my purpose, or what happens after we die? I have found a nice spot to sit with these wonders and find out why I felt the need to ask the ‘Big Questions’ in the first place. My curiosity and passion with existential discussion has always been a passion of mine in my own search to meaning and purpose. Now having the space to witness clients ask themselves some big questions has been honouring and enlightening. I have listened and supported them to understand why they are asking themselves these questions, what possibilities they are contemplating, and how they change once they have come to a place where they are content with their answer (or at least content with the purpose on why they asked the question to begin with). One lengthy contemplation I had for a while was trying to balance my desire to have children for all their gifts and love that comes with the process and their simple state of being, but also knowing that there is guaranteed suffering that cannot be avoided, that I cannot prevent. I struggled for some time trying to make the right decision for me- to have children or not to have children. It wasn’t until a wise friend helped me rephrase the question by stating: ‘Knowing what I know now, am I accepting of my parent’s decision to bring me into this world, and would I change it given the opportunity’? This was a PROFOUND moment in my existential self discussion. For the first time, I felt content and acceptance in my thoughts about the topic. I had come to a place where I felt that the answer I had was enough and the original question no longer served a purpose in my current state, and I was able to move forward in my life with peace. Should you be struggling with an existential topic that is impacting your life, please contact me for an appointment; it would be my honour to sit with you to discuss.