As we grow up there are (hopefully) adults in our lives who help raise us. They are our caregivers; supporting us with our needs as we grow until we become sufficient enough to do it ourselves. Sometimes, as our caregivers get older, they may end up needing support from us; we then, might become their caregivers. We may need to pay bills for them, buy their groceries, take them to appointments… and we might even need to dress them, bathe them, and help them toilet. For some, it my become a complete role reversal… but perhaps with more pressure or burdens. For example, you may have your own children to raise, or a job to attend to, or your own health concerns that need to be addressed. Depending on the level of care needs for the ageing adult, and the amount of responsibilities and needs of the caregiver, this transition (although new and challenging) may be manageable for a period off time. For others however, the number of requirements needed for the ageing adult and in the caregiver’s personal life, can be overwhelming and unmanageable. Self care and responsibilities may be slipping or put on the bottom of the ‘to do list’. It is at this point where caregiver burnout lives; in amidst the chaos and struggle, making the caregiver overwhelmed with guilt and feeling as though they cannot manage any longer. If you are a caregiver in an part of the process and are looking for some support, please contact me for an appointment. Remember the flight attendant’s instructions: you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping anyone else; this ensures everyone’s safety and survival.