New Year = new benefits banks available! Do you have Extended Health Benefits? Are you aware of how much you have allotted to you towards counselling? The beginning of the New Year can be a great time to work towards those new years goals you have set for yourself- especially when it comes to self-care and support – through counselling. It can be completed in 3 steps:

  1. Check with your Extended Health Benefits to see how much funding you have available towards counselling
  2. Check to see which types of professionals your Extended Health Benefits cover- many cover Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs), but some state that they only cover Registered Social Workers (RSW) and/or Registered Psychologists (R.Psych). Don’t worry if you don’t have coverage for a RCC- see below on how to get coverage!
  3. Find the counsellor you want to invest yourself with and give them a call for a consult or to schedule an appointment! Check out my Contact Me page to make your next step in scheduling an appointment with me!
  4. Once you have attended your first session, apply to your Extended Health Program for reimbursement of your payment!

Which Extended Health Programs currently cover RCCs (like me)?

Great West Life

Pacific Blue Cross

Sunlife Insurance

Green Shield Insurance

Employee Assistance Programs

*Family Assistance Programs

*Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

*Victim’s Assistance Services (call 604-660-3888 or toll free in BC at 1-866-660-3888 to enroll with CVAP)

* ICBC (if involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident causing anxiety and trauma you may get approval for counselling)

*= Companies require prior approval for funded counselling

So what happens if your Extended Health Benefits don’t cover RCCs (like me)? First is to contact your employer, Human Resources Department, or insurance company directly to request a small change to the plan’s coverage.  This isn’t difficult, doesn’t cost the employer anything, and at the same time increases your employee benefits (your benefits working for your needs).  Employers already pay for your benefits package and want you to use them and therefore like to increase the amount of benefits that their employees can access. Asking for a change in your plan also does not cost the employer any additional fee!  RCCs are also less expensive than Registered Psychologists- therefore allowing your dollars to go further!  Please use the link below to access a document with the information you will need to put into your own letter when making this request.

So why not take advantage of the benefits that are waiting for you at the beginning of each new year? To get started on your next step, visit my Contact Me page to schedule your first appointment.

  Jan 05, 2019

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