What an experience I was granted this weekend! I was honoured that Josh Black, one of the leading academic researchers in the area of dreams in bereavement, and PhD student at Brock University, presented on his research in grief dreams in Chilliwack, BC! Josh contacted me back in November and shared who he was, gave a brief overview of his current research, and asked me to attend his lecture to learn more. I found this mesmerizing, of course! How could I not attend and learn from someone who has learned so much from individuals experiencing such an unknown common event?

So, what are grief dreams anyways? Grief dreams are dreams that some people have after someone they know dies. In this dream, their person may show up as a symbol, or as their real self, or they might not be in it at all, but there is a dream about loss. Josh shared that he has had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones and beloved pets, and to speak about the dreams they have after someone in their life has died. He discovered that up to 85% of people who are grieving have experienced grief dreams, and that those dreams can be experienced as positive, negative, or both, and that some people never experience a grief dream (and both are completely normal!).

I have the honour and pleasure of exploring and understanding what the grief dreams of my clients have meant for them time and time again. During this training however, I was able to gather more tools and information to better support each of my clients, especially with dreams that cause distress. I was even given the opportunity to try these tips and tricks on my own grief dreams, giving increased meaning and insight as to how helpful they can be!  Thanks to Josh Black, I feel even more excited to support clients with yet another option for them in our time together! If you have experienced grief dreams, and would like to explore them further, please feel free to visit my contact me page to connect and schedule an appointment.

To check out more of Josh Black’s research, listen to his podcast, or to join his Facebook page, where you can share your grief story with hundreds of others, please take a look at his website at www.griefdreams.ca

  Jan 28, 2018

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