There can be stigma and judgement around counselling – and all therapists know it exists. There may be a fear of judgement from others, a feeling of failure that might be associated to asking for help, or there can be fears around engaging with a stranger to talk about your current struggles, amongst many more reasons. I want to join with you to help change this stigma and the judgement around counselling. We are innately social beings who need love and connection with others. We are meant to live in communities and to feel healthy bonds between those closest to us in our lives. However, this might not always mean that we can connect and share what is bothering us so deeply with those around us. This might be for fear or judgement, rejection, hurt, or something we cannot pinpoint but somehow doesn’t feel right. Sometimes we might just need someone who does not live within our daily lives to help dissect and work through that which we find troubling at the time. My hope is that the concept of speaking with and connecting to a qualified professional can be encouraged and praised amongst ourselves and throughout our society. What a place we might live in if everyone grew up learning that seeking support for all aspects of our lives was praised and encouraged! It is socially acceptable to seek medical attention when we break an arm or leg, so why can’t it be the same when we feel that something is not right within our thoughts and feelings? I believe that if this shift were to change, we all might be able to ask for help a little bit sooner, and hopefully before we feel as though our lives are in crisis. Should you find yourself wanting to change the stigma around counselling in your life, or want to begin counselling, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help remove the stigma and you find the connection you are looking for.

  Jan 21, 2018

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