I believe it is an honour to witness a death. To sit with a being at the end of it’s life.

Especially with humans, towards the end of life there is a hope that we will be able to say goodbye to the ones we love and to those who have supported us. I have heard often from those who did not have the chance to say goodbye that they wish they could have had the chance to share their appreciation and to express their love. I have also heard time and time again from those who had time to say goodbye, that there is never enough said, but that they were happy to have been there with their person when they died.

I was given the honour of sitting with an individual as they died, not long ago. There was time to sit with family and friends, to share in memories, and to say what could be said. It was joyful and heartbreaking for all. To sit with this individual, for everyone to say their goodbyes, and to witness this individual’s last breath – it was honouring and humbling, to say the least. I was grateful to have spent time with this individual in their journey of life, and to have bared witness to this individual’s death. Witnessing this individual’s life as it left the body, I will forever remember and appreciate.

If you have sat with someone during their death, or wished you could have, and need to talk to someone, I invite you to visit my contact me page to schedule an appointment.

  Dec 05, 2017

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