You may notice that throughout my website and blog posts, that I will repeatedly use the terms ‘death’, ‘dead’, and ‘dying’. This is not to remind you of the impact you may be currently feeling, but to help normalize the use of those words.  I believe that using words or phrases that are used frequently in our current society might ‘soften the blow’ for others, but I do not want to minimize what has happened in your life. Too many times in our society do we use words or phrases that lighten the impact of things that have impacted us greatly, in hopes of sparing others of our pain. Your pains, your loss, your fears do not need to be softened for me. I want to talk about the impact you are feeling, the grief and mourning you are experiencing, and at times, the unbearable pain that you feel.

Additionally, in our current society, we have taken these words out of our language to help ‘ease the pain’ to children and teens. However, as you can read in my post ‘Talking with Children and Teens about death and the loss of someone in their life’, it is very important to use the proper terms when talking about death and dying, as to not to confuse or create fear in our little ones who might not understand what ‘gone’ or ‘has passed away’ mean. If you are curious about my perspective, or would like help with the upcoming or past death, please connect with me through my contact me page to request an appointment, as I would very much appreciate the opportunity to support you or answer any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

  Jan 03, 2017

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